Multi Photo Quotes


Use a series of images and quotes as a screensaver


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Multi Photo Quotes is an original screensaver that combines photographs and quotes (from famous people, movies, and books) and displays them as a continuous slideshow.

Options to configure the screensaver allow you to personalize it in dozens of different ways: you can choose the directory (online or your own hard drive) with the images that you want, the work or author from which to draw quotes, the size and number of photos to accompany each quote, the font style, slide transitions, and much more.

Multi Photo Quote is a satisfying screensaver once you've customized it to your liking. Now, every time your computer is inactive for a few minutes, you'll be able to view your favorite images alongside important quotes. And since the program includes 1,500 different quotes by default, you're sure to enjoy it for a long time.
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